• Last Folio at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

    Yuri Dojc's Remarkable Photographs

    By: Susan Hall - Mar 30th, 2011

    A personal journey undertaken by a high gifted photographer revealed not only people as living memorials, but the objects of a culture long thought buried and gone.

  • Daniel Ranalli on Photography in Boston

    Recalling Gallerist Carl Siembab

    By: Daniel Ranalli - Mar 02nd, 2011

    In a series of interviews Berkshire Fine Arts is exploring the arts and cultural community in Boston from the 1960s through the present. Photographer and Boston University professor, Daniel Ranalli, has been working and exhibiting in Boston since the 1970s. Initially the only commited gallerist was the late Carl Siembab. It was also the era of Minor White and a legendary program at MIT and the collection of the Polaroid corporation in Cambridge.

  • Celebrating Pittsfield Through Photography

    Lichtenstein Center for the Arts

    By: Lichtenstein - Jan 12th, 2011

    The first event of Pittsfield ’s yearlong 250th birthday celebration kicks off this Friday, January 14th, with the opening reception for the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts’ new show Celebrating Pittsfield, a juried exhibition showcasing photographs of Pittsfield in honor of the city’s 250th anniversary in 2011. The opening reception will be on Friday, January 14th from 5pm to 7pm.

  • Eric Homberger’s Window On Walker Evans

    An Exhibit At Highgate Gallery, London

    By: George Abbott White - Nov 19th, 2010

    A major exhibition of Walker Evans' photographs is currently being shown at Highgate Gallery in North London. University of East Anglia cultural historian Eric Homberger gave a lecture about the photographer and some of his most famous pieces. His speech gave a thorough interpretation, warts and all, of the prickly but precise photographic master.

  • George Slade Joins Photographic Resource Center

    Program Manager/ Curator for Boston's PRC

    By: Bob Fowler - May 06th, 2010

    The Photographic Resource Center is proud to announce that George Slade will join the PRC on May 17 as the new Program Manager/Curator. He will be replacing Jason Landry, who is leaving the PRC to take ownership of the Panopticon Gallery in Boston.

  • Chelsea Passages

    Brief Encounters

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 11th, 2010

    Exploring the poetics of the ordinary. A portfolio of images created while waiting for a bus in Chelsea. An experiment in making art while passing time.

  • Sugaring Off a Rite of Spring

    When the Sap Flows

    By: Martha Bentley - Apr 01st, 2010

    All over the Berkshires along the roads and in the woods there are buckets attached to maple trees. The sap is then boiled down to make liquid gold.

  • Mind Over Matter: Photography as Verification

    Material Witnesses: Photographs of Things at the Clark Art Institute

    By: Janes Hudson - Feb 20th, 2010

    Since its invention in the nineteenth century, photography has been used for documentary purposes, faithfully recording the details of archaeological artifacts, works of art, and natural specimens. Drawn from the collections of the Clark and the Troob Family Foundation, and featuring works by William Henry Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, and Eugène Atget, this focused exhibition considers how documentary images stand not only as material witnesses to times and places past, but as aesthetic objects that are at once accessible and uncanny. Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute through April 11.

  • On Silver Hill

    In loving memory of Frances Ward (1923-2008)

    By: Judy Carr Johnson - May 18th, 2009

    A poem and photo essay of New Hampshire's country side and hills. In memory of a great friend.

  • The Brides of Montreal

    Photo Shoot at the Botanical Gardens

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 10th, 2009

    It is traditional for wedding parties in Montreal to visit the colorful Botanical Gardens for a photo shoot. Brides and flowers just seem to belong together. It was early in May and a bit off seasons for brides, but.

  • Chelsea Palimpsests

    Signs of the Times They Are a Changin'

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 22nd, 2009

    When a wall gets plastered or tagged with graffitti it is soon reworked. This results in layering of random images and text that relate to the medieval phenomenon of palimpsests when rare and expensive materials were recycled as supports for drawings and manuscripts. This often results in images that are rich in random associations.

  • New York Art Fairs 2009

    Deal or No Deal

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 19th, 2009

    .An album of images of gallerists at the recent New York art fairs. Many of the dealers seemed more interested in their laptops than interacting with visitors. You don't make sales if you fail to communicate.

  • Daniel Ranalli: Chalkboard Series

    Gallery Kayafas Exhibition

    By: Daniel Ranalli - Feb 25th, 2009

    While teaching at the Metropolitan College of Boston University, where he chairs the Arts Administration program, Daniel Ranalli became intrigued by the palimpsests left on blackboards by professors. He began to photograph these serendipitous texts. Later they were manipulated to form the Chalkboard Series which is on view at Gallery Kayafas in Boston. He also shows with artSTRAND Gallery in Provincetown.

  • Chelsea: Signs of the Times

    Handwriting on the Wall

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 28th, 2008

    The signage and anonymous grafitti encounterd on a tour of Chelsea is often as fascinating as what is shown in the galleries. This is an album of street art and politics. We document some of the ephemera of the moment.

  • Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures

    Society Women of a Certain Age

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 24th, 2008

    In 1977-1980 Cindy Sherman created the 69 photographs in the seminal "Complete Untitied Film Stills." Since then she has continued to use herself as a model for work that has created many themes and personas. The latest series for Metro Pictures explored society women of a certain age with scorching insight, irony and satire.

  • Liu Zheng in Context

    Related Photography Exhibitions at Williams College Museum of Art

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 04th, 2008

    In addition to the 120 images in "Liu Zheng: The Chinese" the curator, John Stomberg, has installed selections from related book projects from the 19th century through today.

  • Liu Zheng: The Chinese

    Exhibition and Acquisition for the Williams College Museum of Art

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 03rd, 2008

    For seven years, with limited resources and under great adversity, Liu Zheng traveled extensively through China. This resulted in a book of 120 images "Liu Zheng: The Chinese." The Williams College Museum of Art comissioned a complete set of prints for its permanent collection. They are being shown at the college for the first time in a riveting and insightful exhibition.

  • Sally Mann: Photographic Poet

    An Evocative Lecture at Museum of Fine Arts

    By: Mark Favermann - Nov 20th, 2008

    Sally Mann is a unique figure in the world of photography. She developed her technique and style in an artistic backwater, Lexington, Virginia, with virtually no conversation or mentoring. After nearly twenty years of solitary work, she became a leading narrative and expressionistic artistic photographer without the normal contacts, relationships and networking. Her work is provocative and evocative.

  • Martin Schoeller: Female Bodybuilders

    Women Who Pump Iron

    By: Charles Giuliano - Nov 06th, 2008

    Martin Schoeller is a portrait photographer whose celebrity images have appeared in major magazines. For this project he explored the extreme sport of female body builders. This is a book of riveting and disturbing images.

  • Photographs by Russell Lee, Ben Shahn, and Marion Post Wolcott

    Farm Security Administration Documented the Great Depression

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 23rd, 2008

    From 1935 to 1944 the Farm Security Administration dispatched some of the best photographers of the era to document the strife of American farmers. These three small books give a glimpse of the 250,000 images that were produced.

  • Judy Haberl at Gallery Kayafas

    Large Scale Polaroids of Icy Worlds

    By: Shawn Hill - Apr 06th, 2008

    Judy Haberl exhibits lush photos evocative of art nouveau, and film noir clutch purses exposing secrets in amber

  • Portfolio: Harry Bartnick

    Digitized Images of Rome and Environs

    By: Harry Bartnick - Mar 20th, 2008

    North Shore artist focuses on Rome and its environs. Coming from a background in realist painting, Harry Bartnick takes liberties in editing his photographs, while remaining deferential to the basic image. Inspired by the gripping power and sensuality of the Italian visual environment, this Guggenheim Award winning artist presents soaring views of the Roman countryside, angels in the architecture, and obscure corners of the city.

  • Portfolio: Steve Nelson, Sand and Sea

    The Anza-Borrego Desert and Salton Sea

    By: Steve Nelson - Mar 15th, 2008

    Two hours inland from San Diego is the largest state park in California: the Anza-Borrego Desert. And just to its east lies the strangest body of water in America: the Salton Sea. In the 1950s they had a brief moment in the sun as tourist destinations.

  • Portfolio: Gillian Jones

    Images of Northern Berkshire County

    By: Gillian Jones - Jan 27th, 2008

    Gillian Jones is the chief photographer for the daily North Adams Transcript. Her photographs are presently on display at Papyri Books on Eagle Street in North Adams through the end of February.

  • Portfolio: Carl Chiarenza

    Photographs from the 1960s to Recent Work

    By: Carl Chiarenza - Jan 08th, 2008

    In 1973, Carl Chiaranza earned a PhD for a dissertation on the photography of Aaron Siskind. It was the first in the field of the history of photography. He is also a distinguished photographer and here is a selection of the work.

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