Daniel Ranalli: Chalkboard Series

Gallery Kayafas Exhibition

By: - Feb 25, 2009

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Daniel Ranalli
Chalkboard Series
Gallery Kayafas
February 19 –March 28, 2009
Reception First Friday, March 6, 2009
61 Thayer @ 450 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA   02118   617.482.0411
Tuesday-Saturday 11-5:30
 Artist Statement

 In 2006 I began to take particular notice of the unerased chalkboards in the classroom I was teaching in at Boston University   Covered with a scrawl of mathematics and engineering symbols I found the boards visually exciting and began to photograph them before I erased them for my own class. The next term I followed a philosophy class and once again photographed the chalkboards.  I soon began prowling the halls of the College of Arts and Sciences building at the end of the day and photographing what I found rather extensively, building up an inventory of images.

 The final pieces are montaged digitally so that I can layer them combining text and symbol, as well as an occasional doodle from my own hand.  The work continues my longstanding fascination with found marks and images that are partly the result of chance and are typically quite ephemeral.

 The works in the show at Gallery Kayafas are 32x50" and 22x34".

About the Artist

 Daniel Ranalli is an artist whose work is in the collections of over two dozen museums here and abroad including the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Smithsonian National Museum of Art and S.F. Museum of Modern Art.  He has also received numerous artists fellowships including two from the National Endowment for the Arts.  He has had over 125 solo and group shows of his work since 1975.  
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