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  • The Unclouded Mirror

    Reflecting The Wu Wei in Daoism

    By: Cheng Tong - Jun 03rd, 2024

    In the vast tapestry of Daoist thought, the mirror emerges as a potent symbol, not for vanity, but for cultivating a state of unclouded perception. Unlike a typical mirror, the ideal Daoist mirror reflects only what is truly present – the here and now, unfiltered by desires or judgments.

  • Trying in South Florida

    Palm Beach Dramaworks in West Palm Beach

    By: Aaron Krause - Jun 03rd, 2024

    "Trying" is a historical drama covering the last year in the life of Judge Francis Biddle, former U.S. Attorney General under FDR. The play recounts the sometimes-testy relationship between Biddle and his secretary. Palm Beach Dramaworks' production closes out the professional, nonprofit company's 2023-24 season.

  • Jeremy Couillard

    MIT List Visual Arts Center

    By: LIST - Jun 04th, 2024

    This summer, the MIT List Visual Arts Center will present Jeremy Couillard’s first solo museum exhibition. Trained as a painter, Couillard is self-taught as a coder and digital artist. His projects exist as playable games, web projects, and video installations—often spanning multiple forms simultaneously.

  • Jane Hudson: New Paintings

    Spring Street Market Café in Williamstown

    By: Jane Hudson - Jun 02nd, 2024

    Jane Hudson is one of the most prolific and widely exhibited artists in the Berkshires. What makes it engaging is that the work is always evolving. The latest iteration is serene, reductive, geometric and abstract. The simplicity is ever more compelling. She seems to be making her way through modernism at warp speed.

  • Doubt, a Parable at Altarena Playhouse

    A Chilling Allegory of Injury Caused by Faith

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 02nd, 2024

    Middle school principal Sister Aloysius possesses unerring certitude concerning her faith. Father Flynn's appearances and actions trigger the nun's belief that he has had inappropriate contact with young boys. Her unproven allegations prove damaging.

  • ACT-CT Production of Kinky Boots

    Dragnet on Stage

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 02nd, 2024

    It is a high-energy, feel-good romp about people reconciling with their past and gaining acceptance for who they are.

  • The Magic Flute at San Francisco Opera

    A Fairy Tale About Love and Aspiration

    By: Victor Cordell - May 31st, 2024

    Tamino falls in love with Pamina's picture and runs the gauntlet in order to meet and marry her. His sidekick Papageno also seeks marriage but lacks the courage to confront the challenges before him. Both will succeed, but one more than the other.

  • A Complicated Woman

    Goodspeed’s Terris Theatre

    By: Karen Isaacs - May 31st, 2024

    A Complicated Woman has elements that need rethinking. For one, almost the entire first act takes place in 1928; when act two begins, we are in the late 1950s-60s. The jump seems too extreme and not clearly defined.

  • The Lehman Trilogy at ACT

    From Immigrant Family to Wall Street Tycoons

    By: Victor Cordell - May 30th, 2024

    Upon Henry Lehman's immigration to the U.S., he peddles textiles in Alabama. The result of the ingenuity of Henry and later family members is one of the great investment banking firms in the country. Long after the family has exited, the firm's failure represents one of the signal episodes in the financial collapse of 2008.

  • Rafael Mahdavi Paints a Mural

    On the Cycladic Island of Paros

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 30th, 2024

    In the spirit of the centennial of Surrealism Rafael Mahdavi has created a mural on an exterior wall. "The wall for the mural is part of a friend’s house on the Cycladic Island of Paros. I spend my summers there. I first met Frank at my first solo painting show in NYC at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in 1973. Frank and I stayed in touch, he liked my work. Last year he commissioned the mural. Seven by seven meters."

  • An American Soldier Perelman Performing Arts Center

    Huang Ruo and David Henry Wang Join Forces Again

    By: Susan Hall - May 30th, 2024

    An American Soldier, an opera by Huang Ruo and David Henry Wang, has been developing for a decade. The 2024 version is co-commissioned by PAC NYC and Boston Lyric Opera. Audiences at the new Perelman Performing Arts Center in lower Manhattan, are the beneficiaries of deep thought and a moving musical response to a seemingly uncomplicated subject: the wish of a young man, born in the USA of Asian immigrants, to be considered ‘American.’

  • Cabaret at Lesher Center for the Arts

    Hedonism and Persecution in Between the Wars Germany

    By: Victor Cordell - May 29th, 2024

    English nightclub entertainer Sally Bowles lives on the edges of society in the hedonism of Berlin during the Weimar years. Aspiring novelist Cliff Bradshaw alights from America and becomes both Sally's lover and her mark. This dark musical also explores the rise of Naziism through a young convert and the relationship of an elderly couple, one of whom is Jewish.

  • Our Surreality: At Eclipse Mill Gallery, N. Adams, MA

    June 7 to July 7, 2024

    By: Astrid Hiemer - May 28th, 2024

    Our Surreality Lives: Michelle Wiley, 2020 to 2021 and Astrid Hiemer, 2023 to 2024, at the Eclipse Mill Gallery, 243 Union Street, North Adams from June 7 to July 7. Opening Celebration, Friday, June 7, 6-8 pm. The gallery will be open from Thursdays to Sundays, noon to 6 pm . See how we celebrate Surrealism and DADA at 100!              

  • Yayoi Kusama at Serpentine Gallery

    Giant Bronze Pumpkin

    By: Serpentine - May 30th, 2024

    Serpentine and The Royal Parks  announce the unveiling of a new large-scale sculpture by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929, Matsumoto, Japan; lives and works in Tokyo, Japan). Located by the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, Pumpkin (2024) will be staged from 9 July to 3 November 2024.

  • Here There Are Blueberries at NY Theatre Workshop

    Co-produced with Tectonic Theater Project

    By: Susan Hall - May 29th, 2024

    Over and over again, in the Pulitzer-nominated play Here There are Blueberries, now playing at the New York Theatre Workshop in co-production with Tectonic Theater Project, we see photos of the commandants of the Auschwitz facility where the final solution was executed. They are comfortable, laughing together, being rewarded for work well done (gassing people) and in lounge chairs at a spa retreat on the property in Poland. 

  • Mark Morrisroe at Clamp

    Leading Figure of the Boston School.

    By: Clamp - May 29th, 2024

    Mark Morrisroe, who died at 30, was the most innovative of the artists shown as the Boston School at the ICA in an exhibition curated by Lea Gangitano. Since his premature death his reputation has continued to grow. This is his fifth solo with Clamp Gallery. His work has been acquired by numerous museums.

  • Matthew Polenzani Sings at Park Avenue Armory

    Ken Nodo Accompnies in intimate Officer's Room

    By: Susan Hall - May 28th, 2024

    To hear great singers in the Officer's Room of the Park Avenue Armory is a special privilege. One of the largest rooms in the Armory, today it feels like a salon room in an elegant apartment. A lost world is very present for the audience up close and personal. The cherished tenor, Matthew Polenzani, a regular star at the Metropolitan Opera, gives us his special textures and dynamics. 

  • 4000 Miles in Stockbridge

    Grannny and fhe Road Warrior

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 19th, 2024

    In the middle of the night Leo arrived at his grandmother's Greenwich Village apartment. His bike trip started in Seattle. Initially his request to crash with Vera for a couple of days turns into a month. This award winning play by Amy Herzog is on stage at Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge.

  • SO–IL \ WCMA: Building a New Museum

    Plans for the Future

    By: WCMA - May 21st, 2024

    The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) presents SO–IL \ WCMA: Building a New Museum, an exhibition that showcases the design process behind WCMA’s new home, projected to open in 2027.

  • Jay Critchley at Spoke

    Provincetown Artist's First Boston Show

    By: Spoke - May 20th, 2024

    Conceptual artist Jay Critchley is based in Provincetown but has had a global career. He is having his first Boston exhibition at Spoke Gallery.

  • Barbara Bosworth at the MFA

    Photographed a Meadow in Carlisle

    By: MFA - May 20th, 2024

    In 1996 artist Barbara Bosworth (b. 1953) began photographing a meadow in Carlisle, Massachusetts, just northwest of Boston. Returning regularly over the next 15 years, she used a large-format camera to capture images of the land at different times of day and in all seasons.

  • Paul Scott and Ferrin Gallery

    Shelburne Museum Exhibition

    By: Ferrin - May 20th, 2024

    In fall 2012, Leslie Ferrin and Paul Scott met for the first time in Adelaide, Australia as presenters at the Australian Ceramics Triennale Subversive Clay. It was their shared interest in printed ceramics, and one particular plate that brought them together.

  • Eclipse Mill Gallery: Spring Forward, until May 27

    Part of ArtWeek Berkshires, 24

    By: Astrid Hiemer - May 16th, 2024

    ArtWeek Berkshires, a county-wide celebration, includes the Eclipse Mill's show, 'Spring Forward: Recent Work from 27 Eclipse Mill Artists.' The overall festival takes place from May 17 to 27, and the Opening at the Mill will be on May 18 from 6pm to 8 pm. You are invited!

  • Artist Katherine Porter at 82

    Emerged with Boston’s Studio Coalition

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 16th, 2024

    Always on the move the artist Katherine Porter died in New Mexico at 82. For several years in the late 1960s she was an integral part of a movement of emerging Boston artists. She was part of the Studio Coalition which mounted the nation's first Open Studios. She was the first new Boston artist selected for the Whitney Annual. Until the tide changed she was among the most admired abstract artists of her generation.

  • Bernadette Peters at Barrington Stage

    Tony Winner Perfoms One Nighter

    By: Barrington - May 17th, 2024

    As part of its 30th Anniversary Celebration, Barrington Stage Company announces Tony Award-winner Bernadette Peters in Concert on Tuesday, August 27 at 8:00 p.m. on the Boyd-Quinson Stage (30 Union Street). 

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