Fine Arts

  • Charles Giuliano Heads and Tales

    Pictures at an Exhibition

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 27th, 2018

    Arthur DeBow did a super job of curating and installing my retrospective Heads and Tales at Gallery 51 in North Adams. Some 150 plus friends and strangers passed through.

  • Wayne Hopkins and Cathy Wysocki at Eclipse Gallery

    Cuckoo's Call on View In North Adams

    By: Eclipse - Jul 28th, 2018

    Cuckoo's Call, is an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Wayne Hopkins and Cathy Wysocki that reflects on the sea of humanity, ever restlessly heaving up and down. It opens at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams on August 3 and runs through September 3.

  • North Adams Down Street Art

    Again: August 30 / September 27

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Aug 14th, 2018

    Since 2008 North Adams' DownStreet Art celebrations have become a monthly summer-time destination for Berkshire residents and visitors alike. Serious, fun, cultural activities and art mix and match during this day. The celebrations have always happened on the last Thursday of the month.

  • Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900

    Revisionist Exhibition at Clark Art Institute

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 16th, 2018

    Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900, is an ambitious, scholarly but problematic exhibition at the Clark Art Institute. It has been drawing large crowds and ends on 3 September.

  • Cross-Section at Eclipse Mill Gallery

    North Adams Fiber Artists

    By: Eclipse - Aug 22nd, 2018

    Cross-Section, the inaugural exhibition of North Adams Fiber Artists (NAFA), will open at the Eclipse Mill Gallery on September 7 and run through October 8. The gallery is located in a 40 unit artist/ loft building ar 243 Union Street in North Adams.

  • Color Spaces by Berkshire Artist Jane Hudson

    At The Left Bank, North Bennington, VT

    By: Hudson - Aug 24th, 2018

    Over the past two years, Jane Hudson has been exploring the relationship of color and form, reflecting on the work of early Modernists, e.g, Kandinsky, Miro and Sonia Delaunay. The medium is gouache wherewith one may explore the washes of watercolor as well as the opacity of denser media (acrylic, oil). This versatility allows for the layering of color within active geometric forms.

  • Remembering Photographer Arthur Tcholakian

    Armenian Artists in America

    By: Martin Mugar - Aug 30th, 2018

    Richard Tashjian was the founder of the Armenian Artists Association of America a group of mostly New England artists of Armenian extraction that banded together to bring their work to the attention of the larger Boston community. With my Armenian heritage I qualified as a member and joined the group.

  • Crystal Bridges a Landmark Museum of American Art

    Founded by Alice Walton in Bentonville Arkansas

    By: Susan Cohn - Sep 16th, 2018

    The largest work of art at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is the museum itself, which serves as an anchor for the examination of architecture as art. The design of pods floating over a pond is the creation of Moshe Safdie.

  • Joseph D. Ketner II (1955 - 2018)

    Renowned Curator of Contemporary Art

    By: Lee Pelton - Sep 19th, 2018

    Joe Ketner had been the Lois and Henry Foster Chair in Contemporary Art Theory and Practice and Distinguished Curator-in-Residence at Emerson since 2008. In this dual role, he worked tirelessly both to give his students a sense of the social dynamism that art enables, as well as cement Emerson’s place as a source of that dynamism through its galleries and public art installations.

  • Jay Jaroslav at Gloucester's Trident Gallery

    Finding Art Through Covert Operations

    By: Charles Giuliano - Sep 28th, 2018

    In 1978, at Boston's Atlantic Gallery, Jay Jaroslav displayed large, photo realist facsimiles of appropriated birth certificates. The certificates of infants roughly the artist's age had died within a week of birth. He used them to obtain social security, passports and driver's licenses to create 31 purloined identities. The current exhibition at Trident Gallery, his first solo in three decades, further explores documents and process as conceptual art.

  • Tom Krens at The Clark Art Institute

    Four Lectures Planned

    By: Amanda Powers - Oct 01st, 2018

    Kicking off the series on October 21 is the lecture “Art, Money, Oil, and Guns: The Saga of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.” The lecture traces the narrative arcs of two important elements that combined to produce the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, an extraordinary new museum Tom Krens has called “the Apotheosis.” He is the former director of the Guggenheim Foundation.

  • Linda Leslie Brown's Plastiglormate

    At Boston's Kingston Gallery

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 03rd, 2018

    Just when you think you have a handle on the work of Linda Leslie Brown she does something different. As always there is a fresh sense of adventure to Plastiglomorate an exhibition of sculpture at Boston's Kingston Gallery.

  • Eclipse Annual Exhibition and Open Studios

    Work by North Adams Artists

    By: Eclipse - Oct 10th, 2018

    The Eclipse Annual Exhibition features work by residents of the North Adams, studio/loft residence complex. The reception from 6 to 8 PM, Friday, October 12 launches the annual Open Studios that weekend. The popular event provides the opportunity to interact with artists in the setting where their work is created. In addition to studios work by resident artists is displayed in corridors of the four floor complex that houses 40 units.

  • 154 Years of Serendipity at Gallery Kayafas

    Roger Kizik and Clara Wainwright

    By: John Walsh - Oct 12th, 2018

    With 154 Years of Serendipity the artists Roger Kizik and Clara Wainwright celebrate their creaitive friendship with an exhibition at Kayafas Gallery in Boston's SOWA district. John Walsh, Director Emeritus of the J. Paul Getty writes about the pairing of Wainwright & Kizik.

  • Susan Erony at Trident Gallery

    Lost in America

    By: Trident - Oct 21st, 2018

    Susan Erony’s new mixed-media paintings explore primal and intellectual responses to visual beauty as they bear witness to the dignity and the achievements of the oppressed, the dispossessed, and all of us who face sorrow or pain in the course of life. The exhibition is on view at Trident Gallery, in Gloucester, Mass.

  • Amigos: Charles Giuliano, Robert Henriquez, David Zaig

    Exhibition Ends Season of Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams

    By: Charles Giuliano - Nov 11th, 2018

    Amigos: Charles Giuliano, Robert Henriquez, David Zaig is the final exhibition of the season of Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams. The commonality of these Berkshire based artist friends is the scale and ambition of their work. The exhibition opens on Friday, November 16, 5 to 8 PM.

  • Wicked Dark and Brisk in Glostah

    Another Letter on the Arts from Cape Ann

    By: Pippy Giuliano - Nov 17th, 2018

    Saturday, November 10th, Susan Erony set the pace with a 1pm lecture at the Trident Gallery. Seats were improvised as the crowd swelled. They came to hear Erony describe her political, temporal and psychic, journey from concept to execution of paintings and works in her current show, Lost in America, on view at the Trident through November 25.

  • MasterVoices Handel's Israel in Egypt

    Carnegie Hall Stage Bursting with Artists

    By: Susan Hall - Nov 30th, 2018

    Handel’s Israel in Egypt was performed at Carnegie Hall by MasterVoices under Ted Sperling’s baton. The Oratorio planned for Easter and Passover is often presented at Christmas and Hanukkah.

  • Golden Parachute for Van Shields

    Soft Landing for Berkshire Museum Director

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 09th, 2018

    Recent IRS filing reveals that when former Berkshire Museum director, Van Shields, abruptly departed he was given $92,000 in two payments. The second is due in January. There are also figures for the costly legal battles that resulted in selling 22 works of art to raise $53.25 million. From July 1 to Dec. 31, 2017, the museum incurred $1.6 million in legal costs. In April it paid off the full $1,852,426 outstanding balance on a $2 million line of credit.

  • Josef Albers Life and Work by Charles Darwent

    First Biography of 20th Century Master

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 12th, 2018

    Although it is the first full biography of Bauhaus master, Josef Albers, it has been worth the wait. Charles Darwent has writen a meticulous, insightful, absorbing and masterful book. Best know for the 2,300 surving works from "Homage to the Square" he is regarded as among the foremost abstract artists and teachers of the 20th century.

  • Delacroix at the Met

    Major Works Missing from Exhibition

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 16th, 2018

    Organized with the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it appeared with more works, the Met show presents some 150 paintings, prints and drawings in a dozen large galleries. Major works did not travel to New York resulting in an inadequate view of a major 19th century artist. It remains on view through January 6.

  • Foss & Ferrandini: A Fruitful Friendship

    Tandem at Boston's Gallery Naga

    By: NAGA - Dec 21st, 2018

    Jeremy Foss taught painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design during the 1970s and 80s. It was during the 70s, while Robert Ferrandini was a student at Mass Art, that he and Foss formed a friendship that has lasted to this day. Their exibition Foss & Ferrandini: A Fruitful Friendship will be on view January 4 to 26 at Boston's Gallery NAGA.

  • Gardner Museum Loans Its Greatest Treasure

    Momentous Decisions for Titian’s Masterpiece Rape of Europa

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 23rd, 2018

    In flagrant violation of the will of Isabella Stewart Gardner the museum's greatest masterpiece Titian's "The Rape of Europa" has been cleaned for the first time and is about to be loaned for up to two years. She stipulated that “[I]f [the trustees] shall at any time change the general disposition or arrangement of any articles which shall have been placed in the first, second and third stories of said Museum at my death,” then the entire collection, the museum building and property would be given to Harvard University to be sold.

  • 100 Years Bauhaus

    Opening Ceremonies in Berlin

    By: Angelika Jansen - Jan 26th, 2019

    Angelika Jansen was lucky enough to experience many aspects of the '100 jahre bauhaus' (100 Years of Bauhaus) celebrations, from January 16-24, as she writes in her following article. Architecture and culture in the 20th Century were greatly influenced by works and activities of many members of an 'institution' that only lasted 24 years - and the Bauhaus impact lives on.

  • Turner and Constable at Clark Art Institute

    Sublime in the Berkshires

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 14th, 2019

    Through March 10, the Clark Art Institute is presenting a compact exhibition Turner and Constable: The Inhabited Landscape. Curated by Alexis Goodin is installed in about a third of the museum’s special exhibition space. It allows us to compare and contrast the twin towers of British landscape painting: Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851) and John Constable, (11 June 1776 – 31 March 1837).

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