• HBO Gets the Treatment

    Shrinking a Cable Giant

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 02nd, 2008

    On the couch, five nights a week for a half hour, with HBO. Gabriel Byrne stars as the therapist Paul with four high profile patients. On Friday nights the shrink gets shruck by Gina performed by the wonderful Dianne Wiest.

  • Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

    Much More than Fine Dining

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 15th, 2008

    In an era of celebrity chefs the Scottish born Gordon Ramsay has acheived rock star status through a range of popular reality TV shows including endless reruns of "Kitchen Nightmares" on BBC.

  • Sopranos Blackout

    HBO Series Sleeps with the Fishes

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 12th, 2007

    For HBO's The Sopranos, it aint' over till its over. But is it over? Has creator David Chase in this cliffhanger just set up the film sequel. From HBO to Hollywood seems to be the real question but Chase ain't talking and may be in witness protection in Iowa.

  • The Sopranos: Banga Banga Bing

    Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 06th, 2007

    After six seasons the Sopranos will end in a blood bath this Sunday demonstrating that even on HBO crime does not pay.

  • The Shield and Sopranos Are Back

    April Is the Cruelest Month on TV

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 04th, 2007

    Baddabaddaabing two popular cops and robbers shows, The Shield, on FX and Sopranos, on HBO are back this week. Nos moratamur te salutamus. Let the games begin.

  • One Day at a Time: The New '24'

    Fox Network Thriller's Season Begins

    By: Jane Hudson - Jan 17th, 2007

    Friends become enemies and enemies are friends. Super agent Jack Bauer is back to save the world for freedom. At least for the next 24.

  • All Roads Lead to HBO's Rome

    Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 13th, 2007

    HBO has launched the second and final season of the mini series "Rome." Why have the ancient Romans become standard fare of Hollywood and television?

  • Dirt Debut D.O.A. on FX

    Courteney Cox Not So Friendly

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 04th, 2007

    The former "Friends" star, Courteney Cox, has been cast as the ruthless gossip rag editor Lucy Spiller on the new FX series "Dirt." Based on the recent debut the new program may not prove to be user friendly.

  • Prime Suspect on PBS

    Helen Mirren's Masterpiece Theatre in Every Sense

    By: Charles Giuliano - Nov 15th, 2006

    After a decade long hiatus Helen Mirren has brought DSI Jane Tennison back to PBS with a magnificent final chapter of "Prime Suspect" for the aptly titled Masterpiece Theatre.

  • Warhol Profiled on PBS

    Four Hour American Masters by Ric Burns

    By: Charles Giuliano - Sep 22nd, 2006

    This week PBS aired "Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film" a two night American Masters project by Ric Burns. He makes a claim for Warhol as a "Genius" but actually stretched fifteen minues of fame into four hours.

  • Rescue Me and Deadwood: The Boys of Summer

    Season Finales End with Whimpers

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 30th, 2006

    Two bright spots during summer reruns were the original series "Rescue Me" on FX and "Deadwood" on HBO. While "Rescue Me" will return next summer, unfortunately, the brilliant "Deadwood" has been cancelled.

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