• John Eric Byers Studio Furniture, Gallery Naga

    Squares and Rectangles: Functional Carved Paintings

    By: Mark Favermann - May 04th, 2008

    Studio Furniture is one of the strongest New England artistic traditions. The John Eric Byers show underscored the craft, elegance and even intelligence of one of its emerging masters. Each of his objects' surface intensity, both carved and painted, is almost exhaustive in its complex simplicity.

  • Birth of The Cool at Addison Gallery

    Disappointing 1950's California Style Exhibition

    By: Mark Favermann - Mar 21st, 2008

    The exhibit Birth of the Cool is a reflection of California Cool as a thematic approach to American 50's popular culture. Our critic finds the show and the objects somewhat problematic. Is he cool?

  • Polaroid 2008: Instantly Fading Picture

    Creative Company Collapsing From Lack of Vision

    By: Mark Favermann - Feb 18th, 2008

    Since 1948, Polaroid has meant instant photos. However, technology has changed. From corporate megastar to high tech also-ran, the Polaroid Corporation has recently announced that it was doing away with its instant film.

  • MCLA Gallery 51: Handmade a Look at Contemporary Crafts

    Local and National Artisans Featured in North Adams Exhibition

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 10th, 2008

    Slowly the depressed downtown of North Adams,in the Northern Berkshires is emerging as an ever more vibrant mix of galleries and shops. This trend has been led by Gallery 51 a venue of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

  • Viktor Schreckengost, A True Giant of Industrial Design Dies at 101

    A 2001 Interview with the Prolific and Long-lived Great American Designer at Age 94

    By: Mark Favermann - Feb 08th, 2008

    Part Two of An Homage to Industrial Designer Viktor Schreckengost who died on January 26, 2008. In 2001, Viktor Schreckengost generously spent several hours in a phone interview discussing his life, art and design. The Q and A was published in The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles. It is with their permission that this 2001 contemporary design history piece is being presented in Berkshirefinearts.

  • Viktor Schreckengost, An Industrial Design Giant Dies at 101

    The Last Surviving Designer of the Golden Age of American Industrial Design

    By: Mark Favermann - Feb 06th, 2008

    Viktor Schreckengost may not be a household name, but his design impact on American life was perhaps without parallel.Part One of a two part homage to the last survivor of the Golden Age of American Industrial Design.

  • 2008 Fine Art Compact Calendars

    Individually Printed on My Epson Printer

    By: Eric Myrvaagnes - Dec 07th, 2007

    Three new individually printed fine art calendars for 2008 are now available: "Death Valley", "Rock Music", and "Tuscan Doors and Walls."

  • Veterans Day and the 25th Anniversary of the Viet Nam Memorial

    Not Just A Black Slash in the Earth: A Veteran's Personal Thoughts

    By: Mark Favermann - Nov 11th, 2007

    Veterans Day starts a veteran to thinking about things that he hasn't for decades.The Viet Nam War Memorial is a metaphor for a tumultuous time and generation. What does the metaphor actually mean?

  • Design Life Now: The National Design Triennial at ICA

    A Snapshot of what is the best in current American Design, but sometimes taken with the lens out of focus or the lens cap left on.

    By: Mark Favermann - Nov 09th, 2007

    The good news is that the ICA has a major design show. The bad news is that our critic wishes that this exhibition was better on many levels. However, that said, this is still a must see show for anyone working or interested in design.

  • Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture

    Elegant Exhibit of Industrial Design Icon

    By: Mark Favermann - Nov 03rd, 2007

    Industrial design makes every object and tool that we use in our daily lives work and look better. Raymond Loewy was an industrial design giant who set a standard for quality, efficiency and beauty. This elegant not to be missed exhibit showcases his projects, products and consummate style.

  • Creating Public Art: A Personal View

    An Artist's Perspective

    By: Mark Favermann - Oct 27th, 2007

    Public art is a lot about process including politics. The process is in large measure about engineering and civic permissions as well. The aesthetic expression seems to be only a small part of creating and implementing public art, yet that is what is left for years, even decades once the piece is installed. Mark Favermann writes a personal description of his 10 month journey to complete a Recognition Gateway for a new soccer field in Brookline, MA.

  • Lo Res at Eclipse Gallery

    Exhibition on View in Artists Loft Complex in North Adams

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 31st, 2007

    The group show Lo Res curated by Erin Coughlan brings together a group of artists from the graphic design and video game fields.

  • Wind Power for Jiminy Peak

    Berkshire Resort Promotes Green Energy

    By: Roman Iwasiwka - Jul 16th, 2007

    The all season resort Jiminy Peak leads the way in promoting Green tourism for the Berkshires.

  • Form and Function: Studio Furnituremakers at Gallery Naga

    An Exhibition of Functional Art Joyously Crafted and Exhibited

    By: Mark Favermann - Jun 07th, 2007

    Th author has described Arthur Dion director of Boston's Gallery Naga as "The Godfather of Studio Furniture."

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