Gimme Gamay

Underdog Wine Poured at Mezze

By: - Nov 08, 2022

Did you hear the one about the time the Duke of Burgundy Philippe the Bold, outlawed the cultivation of Gamay back in 1385? He claimed it was a "disloyal and bad plant." He reserved his region for the more elegant Pinot Noir. Being kicked out of Burgundy, Gamay's cultivation moved south finding a home in the granite soils of Beaujolais and continues to thrive there today.

You may wonder why we have such an affection for Gamay at Mezze. We often root for the underdog.  We've been pouring Gamay from the beginning and coined the term "Gimme Gamay" in the early aughts to de-mystify this unsung grape. We love it for its quaffable, higher acid charm making it an ideal wine for food.

Another thing about Gamay - it stands up to the sweet, salty, rooty, roasted, fatty foods on the Thanksgiving table.  That's right a glass or two of Gamay will do the trick to pair with your neighbor's marshmallow potatoes and that brined and roasted turkey. We promise there is more to Beaujolais than Nouveau!

Maddy's put together a selection of some her favorite Beaujolais crus (there's 12 in total). Enjoy a terroir-road trip from the comfort of your own home this Thanksgiving. 

À votre santé!