Candles and Cake

Day After Day

By: - Oct 25, 2018

 Candles on Cake

Candles this morning
When I awoke
Like every other day
So many of them
Now gone away
Card and gifts
Blanket, chocolate, soap
Such merry breakfast
Celebrating with Astrid
First day of 78th year
Sox won last night
Price was right
All’s well with world
Series to say the least
Gazing deep into space
Beyond the beguine
Dance macabre
Just fox trotting
Between here and there
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Friend Jane said
Coming forth by day
Glare of white light
Fear eats itself
Planning lunch at  Club
No duck this time
Recalling many we shared
Burned checks at Benno’s
Thirty years and no sense
So we wrote
Up in smoke
Moosh magique
Spun about in flames
Oh how we laughed
A wiggy joke
Sweet sanguine irony
Time was on our side
More sobered than stoned
Getting things done
No retirement for artists
Dad’s furtive last years
Once great surgeon
Melancholy at eighty
Seemed so old
Now closing in
Ever closer to him
Much yet to do
Between me and you
Strange compensation
For growing up absurd