Inama Releases I Palchi

Wine from Terraces of Monte Foscarino

By: - Oct 19, 2023

On its third release, I Palchi 2021 follows the path of research created by the Inama family: constantly improving in order to pursue ever more ambitious goals, in search of the highest purity of fruit.

The name I Palchi stands for the terraces of Monte Foscarino, a series of vineyards positioned along the sides of this ancient volcano. Old arbors about 50 years old have a unique expression here: the excellence of Foscarino in the heart of the UGAs exposes it more to the influence of the winds, lowering vigor and yields, producing wines of great complexity and structure. The Garganega grape is very sensitive to different subsoil compositions, slopes, exposures and winds, and manifests within each vineyard different expressions. The work done over the past 15 years, to restore and foster natural balances, and paying great attention to the vitality of both the subsoil and the vineyard itself, has led the vines to find great aromatic expressiveness.

Through grape tasting, the best micro-parcels are identified in each plot: "Before we are wine producers, we are first and foremost grape tasters," explains Matteo Inama, who heads the selections in the vineyard. "We have to put great care into perceiving the differences, and carefully select absolute excellence. » Hence, this explains the use on the label of the name 'Grande Cuvée', to indicate the collection of small parts, the best of the best of the grapes from the various terraces of Foscarino. 

The 2021 season was extremely favorable, characterized by a balanced summer, with regular rainfall and never excessive temperatures, followed by an ideal September and October, which allowed us to follow the ripening with great calm: "At first light in the morning, carefully and armed with great patience, we search our vineyards for those perfect Garganega clusters, with a certain hint of color tending from green to yellow: from our tasting experience, we know that this point of hue represents ideal ripening." One by one, the clusters are carefully selected, picked into crates, and taken to cold storage. 

On the morning of the following day, the grapes arrive at the winery at a temperature of about 5 degrees, an ideal condition for the preservation of the most elegant aromas in the must. After further selection of the clusters on a vibrating table, mechanical destemming is performed, bringing the whole berries to an additional table. Here, in the light of powerful headlamps, eight operators perform manual sorting of the berries as they flow before their eyes. Every imperfect berry is eliminated, that is, those berries affected by botrytis, sunburned or hit by hail. The maximum purity of the fruit results in an extraordinary must, to be treated with extreme care, which is divided into four types of barrels: large barrel, a small part of new barriques, a part of second and third passage barriques, and a part in steel. 

Precise, intense, vertical and mouthfilling at the same time, I Palchi is the purest and most elegant definition of Foscarino, the place to reach the highest expression of Soave Classico.

James Suckling 97
Doctor Wine 96
Wine Journal 95+
Falstaff 95
Robert Parker Wine Advocate 94+