Canti Prosecco and Gianni Martini

Italian Style Is a Mouthful

By: - Oct 05, 2014

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Maria Reveley and I had the good fortune to dine with Gianni Martini, President of Frotelli Martini Secondo Luigi S.p.A. (that’s a mouthful) at the trendy and chic Robert De Niro owned Tribeca restaurant, Locanda Verde.

If you don’t about Gianni Martini, now is the time to learn. He  is a charismatic entrepreneur whose ambition and passion strives for wine innovation and penetration of world markets.

Since 2002, Martini has methodically expanded his Prosecco business.

Canti Prosecco is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Guess where his next target for expansion is? Yes, you are correct. The U.S. of A.

Gianni challenged me as we spoke. He said that, ‘The only beverage that we will drink during our eight course meal will be my Canti Prosecco D.O.C. You will see that it will satisfy each course that you will be served’.

I was up for the challenge.

The menu consisted of sliced prosciutto, salami, mozzarella martinato, arugula, fennel, asiago cheese, marcona almonds, basil pesto, olives, pine nuts, Sunday night ragu with provolone picante, grilled wild brassino with yukon roasted potatoes, escarole, tomatoes, onions, eggplant and prosecco infused strawberry sorbetto.

Each course paired perfectly with the Prosecco.

Martini won the challenge.

He said ‘We are in the decade of prosecco. ‘Canti Prosecco has been embraced around the world and we are privileged to now introduce the Italian Wine Style to America in celebration of a deep passion for quality wine, unparalleled taste and beautiful style’.

The packaging and the design of the elegant Canti box, with its iconic hand-wrapped orange cellophane, conveys the Italian style and image Gianni Martini wants to portray. Once opened and poured, Canti Prosecco, with its small, elegant bubbles represents the Italian spirit of style.

Each mouthful of Canti, made in the Veneto region, exclusively with the Glera grape, is full-flavored, with hints of apples, pears and vanilla that linger in your palate. The wine is alive, pleasantly dry with a hint of sweetness. It is well made with the customer's palate in mind. The lovely bouquet consists of lemons, stone fruit and pears, creating an intoxicating aroma.

By all standards, it looks like Martini and his newly released Canti Prosecco D.O.C. will be a big hit in America.

You can have the Italian style that Martini is know for at a price that is ridiculously low, $13.99 a bottle is the suggested retail price. It is a small price to pay for elegance, quality and style.

Locally, Canti Prosecco should be available sometime in late October.

To follow Gianni Martini and Canti, visit their website at: