Venus of Willendorf

Poem Inspired by Vienna Viewing

By: - Sep 23, 2013

Venus von Willendorf
A Poem by Astrid Hiemer


I saw the Venus von Willendorf

with my own eyes

in Wien.

Oh, she stirred my emotions !

There she lay in a lit glass-vitrine

at a forty-five degree angle,

eleven centimeters tall, fat -

her immense breasts

were covering half

her torso.

How Beautiful !

I walked around

and around the glass case,

many times and then again.

Charles asked,

why she touched me

so much?

I replied

that she was more real to me,

than any ancient female skeleton

unearthed elsewhere

on this planet.

We calculated that more than

a thousand,

possibly as much as

one thousand five hundred generations

of babies

had suckled on her breasts,

since she was brought to life by her creator.