Anita O'Day

Errand Boy for Jazz Singer

By: - Sep 19, 2014


Day off

Sandy asked

Pick up Anita O’Day at Logan

Explained to Stephanie

Do you mind

Watching at the gate

She got in the middle linking our arms

Driving north stop for a drink

Told her life story

Over martinis

Kicking in Hawaii

On the beach

Sweats and flashes

Into the surf

Cold then hot

Turkey shooting skag


Where for dinner

Date now scrapped

Drive to the club

Week night

Lesbian band

Awful music

What time tomorrow for the hair dresser

Errand boy

Take me here get me that


Pickup trio from Berklee

Over and over and over

Theme song

Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Wave

Can’t get it right

You’re rushing me

Follow me I don’t follow you

Counting it off

Drummer fired

Ex husband John Poole flown in

Right beat makes a difference

Opening night

Coifed and gowned

Give me a joint

My intro

Came on which a nice head

Wave crashing over us just right

That signature swing night after night

All in the timing

Above, below, around, ahead, behind the beat

No vibrato

Signature flat scat

White heat

Shared a spike with Billie

At Newport

Tea for two

Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Long white gloves

Hiding the tracks

Before I knew her

Hey Mr. Charlie

Give me a toke

Back at Logan

On to next gig