Mulligan Stew

Tirade in an Elevator

By: - Sep 19, 2014


Mulligan Stew


Baritone sax

Huge horn

Harry Carney in Duke’s band

Mulligan played it easy as alto

Long bop lines

Fluid licks

Blue eyed soul

Line for Lyons

Chet on horn at Carnegie Hall

Classic albums with Desmond

Knocked on the door

Opened a crack

Saw the woman

Not Sandy Dennis

One nighters


Meet me by the elevator

Ride to the lobby

Unleashed tirade

Piped in easy listening

Ersatz Kenny G

Composer ripped off

Screed continued

Angry about everything

Music business

Jazz killed by rock ‘n’ roll


What’s that got to do with me

Don’t even know you

Just writing a piece

Helping the gig

Caught up short

Moment of reflection

Sorry man

Straight talk

No chaser