King Kong

Riff and That

By: - Aug 03, 2016


Riff  and That

Rumble in the jungle
Screeching birds
Great ape
Lumbering about
Brush shattered
Crashing sounds
Swooping arms
Whooshing by
Close call
Duck for cover
Break for clearing
Circle wagons
Hunker down
Defensive posture
There it is again
Piercing the air
Tropical torment
Lush and rank
Blistering heat
Blaze of glory
Good grief
On the run
Race for the river
Dive under
Swim for life
Maybe make it
Washed up
Panting on shore
Deep breaths
Heart racing
Tapping a beat
On brittle ribs
Skeletal vibraphone
Anxious mallets
Crazy rhythm
Mayhem swing
Bop cacaphony
Utter panic
Looking up
Long and deep
Canopy of sky
Through and blue
Wondering why