Vico Fabbris Provincetown Exhibition

Opens August 30 at Rice Polak Gallery

By: - Jul 28, 2013

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Vico Fabbris
Rice Polak Gallery
430 Commercial St.
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Opening Friday August 30th @7pm
Vico Fabbris was born in Northern, Italy and attended Florence’s Institute of Art Porta Romana. He received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and presently divides his time between that city and Boston.

The artist paints imaginary botanical still lives, imbuing each with a soul and personality making it distinctive from the rest.  In “reading” these works, the viewer is faced with the rare task of having to reflect on what is real and what imagined. Fabbris executes his paintings with so tremendous a representational acuity and skillful ease that they are utterly suggestive of the identifiable. Yet Fabbris’ world is purely imaginary. It is a truly magical one of mysterious plants which appear to have once existed and which he showcases in phantasmagoric spaces replete with backgrounds filled with such exotic elements as nomadic tribes, ancient ruins, and tangled masses of tropical vegetation

What at first glance appears quite traditional and almost classical becomes, upon closer inspection, totally surreal. Fabbris was the recipient of two Massachusetts Cultural Council Awards in Painting.

His work has recently been exhibited in "Second Nature" at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and at The Studios Key West where he was awarded an Artist in Residence.