Naumkeag Chinese Temple Gardens Opens

Three Years and a Vision

By: - Jul 27, 2016

Trustee President Barbara Erickson Ribbon-cutting with Yo-Yo Ma

Historic Naumkeag, the property that sits in the heart of the Berkshires (Stockbridge, Massachusetts) and run by the Trustees of Reservations, celebrated a milestone recently with the unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the newly renovated Chinese Temple Garden.. Three years ago, the Trustees began their ‘Appeal Campaign’ and have successfully raised millions of dollars to revive the ‘brilliance and splendor of the Naumkeag landscape and gardens.’ The restoration effort began in 2013 and has fully restored the iconic gardens, the vision of landscape architect, Fletcher Steele and Naumkeag owner, Mabel Choate.

It was time to celebrate the accomplishment, as well as the 125th anniversary of the conservation group that manages Naumkeag and numerous other sites throughout the state.

Barbara Erickson, Trustees of Reservations president and CEO opened the ribbon-cutting ceremony with a speech focusing on Naumkeag, referring to the property as a ‘cultural icon’ and a ‘masterpiece and national landmark that is worth preserving for generations to see.’ 

She was followed by Yo-Yo Ma’s  focusing on his family's passionate love for Naumkeag. He was grateful for the ‘time i could spend on the tranquil property with my wife, Jill, and our children.’

Both his wife, Jill Hoornor and Yo-Yo Ma co-chaired the event.

The late afternoon celebration focused on the Asian influence that makes up the heart of Naumkeag. Asian inspired beverages and food were on the agenda, as well as a colorful and ceremonial Chinese Dragon that danced throughout the gardens.

Naumkeag is like a work of art, an outdoor landscape sculpture that is perched above a valley, with many nooks and crannies that house fascinating works of art, which intersect with curvy gardens and painted poles. The property is complex, inspiring and fascinating.

The landscape restoration is complete. The next phase, with an allotment of $1.5m, from funds raised through the Appeal, will focus on restoration of the fields and greenhouse.

The 48 acres that comprise Naumkeag are open from 10am to 5pm daily, through October 10th.
Trustees Members are Free
Adults are $15
Children up to 12 are Free

For more information on Naumkeag, visit:  or call (413) 298-3239