Garrison Keillor's Big Night

Final Tanglewood Event and Broadcast

By: - Jun 30, 2016

Garrison Keillor’s recent visit to Tanglewood marked his 17th and final live broadcast of ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ on the grounds of the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This marked an end to an era for all of us who have attended each and every one of Keillor’s local performances.

Yes, next year, Garrison’s successor, Chris Thile, will stand on stage at Tanglewood and maybe he will win our hearts, but, probably not the way Keillor has.

Garrison,73, is part of our soul, our conscience and  our social make-up.

Cast members, Fred Newman, Tim Russell, Rob Fisher and Sue Scott will have a new leader after Garrison Keillor’s final appearance on July 1st at the Hollywood Bowl.

Chris Thile is 34 and a well-respected mandolin player and singer for the acoustic trio, Nickel Creek. According to Keillor, "Chris is my man."  He said. "I’ll do whatever is necessary to help with the transition." That means singing, dancing and playing Guy Noir is not out of question.

Heather Masse and the DiGiallonardo Sisters joined Keillor at Tanglewood for the final show.

It was a night to be remembered.