Daze of Rage

By: - Jun 26, 2022

Tossed and turned
Twisted and tattered
Another Fort Sumter
Gave proof through the night
A nation divided
America got soul
Lots and lots
Heaps upon heaps of it
River deep
Mountain high
Ain't nothin gonnah
Take that away
In the blood
Foundering fathers
Don't shake my tree
Strange fruits fall
Taste so sweet
Take a bite
Out them apple
From swampy bayou
Grand Canyon
Down so low
Maid of the mist
Under the falls
Come on y'all
Get with it people
Merely Muir Woods
Painted Desert
Monument Valley
Vegas baby
Bet on that
Old Cape Cod
Maine lobster
The Big Sky
Kansas in August
Nowhere to run
Born on 4th of July
Anger and rage
Soar like an eagle
In my solitude
Up in Duke's workshop
What's goin on
All been said
In times before
Will be now and
Forever more
My country
Tis of thee
What just happened
To sweet Liberty
Let Freedom Ring
From every mountain top
He had a dream
Village and hamlet
One nation
Truly divisible
Klan has a plan
Under God damm
Not just Mississippi
This time
Our great nation
Too proud to
Stay down long
Send in the clowns
A day will come
Too much pride
To accept defeat
From six creeps
Our nation sleeps
We're better than that
There's a man with a gun
Over there
Everybody lookin round
Send me a sign
In hoc signo
Goin down
Tangled up in blue