Leo Mazzeo Photographs MASS MoCA

The Night Watch

By: - Jun 24, 2019

Artist's Statement

I generally use my personal Instagram account as a running photographic record of highlights that I encounter on the path I travel.  When I started working third shift security at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, there was a decidedly noticeable change in the focus of what I would post. I developed a big chunk of behind the scenes looks, my impressions of what MoCA is like during the after hours, the night shift, the “graveyard” shift.

Over time, the images I’ve posted have garnered a small fan base, and requests to do something more public with them have grown in number.  I am, however, mostly a private individual; not one to walk towards a spotlight.  But it has been really gratifying, and most appreciatively so, that these images have brought pleasure to a growing number of viewers.