Rain Check

My Heart Belongs to Dada

By: - Jun 09, 2016

Initially I was delighted to anticipate a rare lunch with an old friend the artist/ photographer, Benno Friedman. We live at opposite ends of the Berkshires and planned to meet in the middle somewhere in Pittsfield.

As the day approached I had to cancel as we committed to a week of working with a friend. It is the biannual move from loft to house with tons of back and forth.

So I asked for a rain check. The response below is number one. To which I further replied that for this week we were working like “migrants.” Again he responded in poetic form.

In the decades that I have known him he has never indicated any inclination to poetry. This may indeed be his first published work with hopefully more to follow.


A urinal,

Appropriated literally and as metaphor,

Replaced in the appropriate environment;


So too prosaic regrets,

Given enough space and judicious capitalization,

With the wave of a virtual pen on atmospheric paper 

Take on

The mantle of a poet's product.

 Nice work if you can get it.

Regrets accepted.

To reclaim the date, 

Don't lose the raincheck


Seem to be fewer rainy days

With a sunlamp handy. And just to

 Pick up on

 A catchy phrase...curious too,

"Working like migrants,"

Makes me sto(o)p and think about

Hard work and related issue of


Sink or swim.

Few(er) options...choices.

Catch my continental (drift)?

 Whatsit all mean, Carlos?