Alice's Breast Flaunt

You Can Get Anything You Want

By: - May 30, 2015

Alice’s Breast Flaunt

Everyone thought
I wrote that outrageous
Satire in trashy magazine
Alice’s Breast Flaunt
Not me
I’m in her cookbook
Chapter on stuffing
Apple in my mouth
Benno took the pictures
Crashing at Jim’s pad
Sure but
You’ll be sleeping with
My friend Alice
Taking a break from Ray
And the Berkshires
No funny stuff she said
Slipping in beside her
Later stayed at The Church
In the bell tower
Rang in the morning
Not a call to prayer
Thanksgiving feast
Rope over the nave
Ray and the gang
Swinging like Tarzan
My turn on the scaffolding
Looked around
Grabbed the rope
Dropped like a stone
Crashed into the buffet
Huge table of food
Sent the turkey flying
Anniversary planned for August
At The Church
Now the Guthrie Center
Told Benno
I’ll pass on the rope
Smiling he said
That’s why
We took it down
Alice wrote from P’Town
Am I in your book
Now you are
Next one