Playwright Mark St. Germain

Mentor and Friend

By: - Apr 04, 2016

Mark St. Germain

Breakfast at Dottie's
Downtown Pittsfield
Close to theatre
Named for him
Barrington Stage Company
Premiered many plays
From its inception
Mark St. Germain
First meeting
After opening of
Freud's Last Session
Toured the world
Great dialogue
Since then ongoing
Like today at
5 AM by email
Restless night
Comparing notes
Lives in the arts
Focusing on the work
Unique relationship
Playwright and critic
Wolf and sheep
One would think
Actually so much more
Discussing the craft
Mutual vulnerability
What it takes
Getting a play on stage
The many drafts
He let me read
Of Scott and Hem
Opened at Shepherdstown
Then Barrington
Changes in between
Discussing differences
Watching it take shape
From script to stage
Absorbing the process
Evolving over time
Becoming Dr. Ruth
Best of Enemies

Dancing Lessons
The play's the thing
Make or break
What makes them fly
The humanity involved
Its wear and tear
Started so long ago
Writing for
The Cosby Show
Never discuss that
Just about
Everything else
Mentor and friend
State of the art