Now and Forever

By: - Apr 03, 2017

Pharaoh yawned
Time for tea
Snacks fit for a king
End of another day
Ruling two lands
Upper and Lower Egypt
Even that gets old
Like anything else
Not as much fun
As it used to be
When daddy died
Such a stiff
Putting him to rest
What an ordeal
Starting his own funeral
Too many details
No more friggin’ pyramids
So damned expensive
All that rock piled up
Yesterday another trip
Sweltering desert
Dry and dusty
Valley of the Kings
Middle of nowhere
Seeing how things
Were coming along
Chambers for the queens
Then the kids
Each demanding a
Room of their own
Glad when it’s over
Finally eternal rest
Some peace and quiet
Richly deserved
No more headaches
Hittites and Nubians
Who needs the aggravation
Wives constant bickering
Yak yak yak
Day and night
Looking forward to being
Praise the gods
Now and forever
An exquisite corpse