Gato Barbieri 1932 to 2016

Argentine Musician's Last Tango

By: - Apr 03, 2016

Gato Barbieri's Last Tango

The Cat
Gato Barbieri
Fused jazz
With Argentine roots
Created music for
Bernardo Bertolucci's
Erotic masterpiece
Anonymous sex
Strangers in a bare pad
Butter scene
Brando and Maria Schneider
Last Tango in Paris
Won a Grammy
Burst of fame
Festival circuit
With signature Fedora
Galvanic on stage
Moving to dance
Of the gauchos
Flame dimmed
Style morphed
Things change
Since 1985
Monthly gigs
NY's Blue Note
Gutteral attack
From growl to purr
Known for
Unique sound
Passionately romantic
Grounded in the pampas
Where they feast
On red meat