Elisabeth Johansson at Clark Gallery

Renowned Still Life Painter

By: - Mar 23, 2014

Elizabeth Johansson
Clark Gallery
145 Lincoln Road
PO Box 339
Lincoln, MA 01773
Tel. 781-259-8303
Fax 781-259-8314
Hours:Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 6 PM

An exhibition by the still life painter Elizabeth Johansson is always a notable occasion.

The Clark Gallery, in Lincoln, Mass is presenting a selection of exquisite, meticulously observed and rendered drawings and paintings. The works will be on view through March 29.

The artist who lives and works in New Hampshire has shown in Boston and New England galleries and museums. Among museum collections her work has been acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, The Currier Gallery, the DeCordova Museum and the Danforth Museum.