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Borders/Boundaries a Member's Group Show

By: - Feb 21, 2022

Opening up next week on March 2nd Kingston Gallery presents Borders/Boundaries a member's group show curated by Erica Licea-Kane and Krystle Brown, and Julie S. Graham: Visual Books curated by Chantal Zakari and Mags Harries. 

The curator's statement about Borders/Boundaries:

"As curators for Boundaries/Borders, Erica Licea-Kane and Krystle Brown sought to find the various expressions of what a border or a boundary is in 2022. Often, visual art surpasses the boundaries of a given medium. Formal qualities such as form, space, and surface can have their borders questioned and reinvented into something new. 

"Within the context of climate change, mass migration, and multiple cultural crises, a boundary can be crossed, negotiated, or defied. In the psychological landscape, borders are blurred between memory and the present, hoping for the future. With these ideas working in concert, works were chosen to demonstrate the breadth in which a boundary is open to reinterpretation."  

The press release can be found here with select images for both shows found here

March 30th to May 1st  Stacey Cushner's Tomorrow's YesterdaysDianna Vosburg's Arrival, and Judith Brassard Brown's Around the Bend. The press release can be found here

In the Main Gallery, Stacey Cushner captures a distinct type of longing that writer and art critic Svetlana Boym describes as “reflective nostalgia.” In her exhibition Tomorrow’s Yesterdays, Cushner paints nature’s beauty drawing inspiration from Flemish painters such as Dirck de Bray (1635-1694) and Jan-Frans van Dael (1764-1840). Tomorrow’s Yesterdays paints a world that reflects a nostalgia for a past that we may not be able to return. Instead, it offers viewers a window into another world, one that is still here if you look closely and listen.

Select images can be viewed here.

In the Center Gallery, Guest artist Dianna Vosburg’s Arrival merges the aesthetics of dark beauty with the poetry and play of light to capture the cinematic drama of how painting evokes awareness. Vosburg draws from a vast array of image sources; ecological and social collapse, the gothic New England landscape, fireworks, science fiction, space telescope imagery, poetry, Baroque opera arias, disaster movies, Tolkien’s epic The Lord of the Rings, extinction, and revelation. Arrival explores the deep structures and strangeness of our existence.

Select images can be viewed here.

In the Project Space Gallery, Around the Bend is a colloquial phrase that indicates someone has become unhinged from conventional reality, lost their moorings due to eccentricity or psychosis. Judith Brassard Brown painted these landscapes, drawn from imagination and experience, to address our anxieties in response to recent events in the world.

Select images can be viewed here.