Amore, at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

Lighter Fare for Valentine's Day

By: - Feb 06, 2023

                           Amore, at Studio R Stage, directed by Aram Tafreshian

Valentines Day is drawing near and the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, Germany, seems to bow to this occasion with its new production Amore under the direction of Aram Tafreshian.

It is definitely lighter fare than the normally politically charged offerings at the theater. It is also the first try in directing for Tafreshian who had acted here from 2013-2020. The performance takes place on the smaller stage, the Studio R, of the Gorki.

Six actors, mostly students of the renowned Hochschule fuer Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch ( school for acting), sing and dance their interpretations of love, desire, hope and demands on future partners in whirlwind actions on a stage that is a small water-filled pool surrounded by a curtain of strips of aluminum foil. The white costumes and the setting were designed by Mara Madeleine Pieler. The catchy ambience was completed by Anthony Hüseyin's music and Fritz Stötzner's explosive lighting. The action is presented by songs, as a 'Singspiel' (songs convey the entire action).  As always the words are displayed on a screen in English.

It is certainly an enjoyable performance that the applause of the packed house reflected.