Curse of Verse

By: - Feb 05, 2022

Curse of Verse

Are you like me
Averse to verse

A broad and stupid
Thing to think
Yet alone express

Particularly for
A gentleman of the press

Denizen of the Fourth Estate
Seated at Versailles

Not to say all poesie
In broadest terms

Of course not
That would be idiotic
Demotic prentiality

Pray tell I am
No such fool

Not more ignorant
Than the masses
Perhaps a whisker
Smarter than the
Average bloke

Which doesn’t say much
About America
Such a joke
When at least a third
Are utter idiots

Bill postulated that
Perhaps among
Proud Boys and
Even Republicans

Some such cretins
Might even be
Decent folks

Which strongly
I do indeed doubt
Curse them all
Mississippi goddam

As to glut of poetry
We agreed that
Most is utter dreck

Torrent of words
Feverishly ejaculated
Pounding poetic
Seed spilled
On fallow ground

By that we mean
Poetry poetry
Writing that
Strives to be poetic

Pretty words
Crazy quilts
Ersatz art
Form over substance

The beauty of nature
Smiles of a summer day
Wind in the willows
Soft gentle breeze
Pigeons in the park
Swans on ponds
Gazelle in purple panties

Greeting card crud
Left over romanticism
When sentiment
Tanked verse

Then Pound
The ultimate enigma
Changing everything
Making Yeats

Yet they were fascists
As was Leni Rifensthal
Making movies for the Reich

Reviled masterpieces of art
Great art with bad politics

So we are averse to verse
Even the good work tainted
Or even worse

Like every dog
The only stuff I
Really like is

My own stench
At least it doesn’t
Reek of poetry