He Lives Among Us

By: - Feb 04, 2022

He Lives Among Us

No outward sign of difference,

No telltale evil stare

Yet all around us ever

To cause such great despair.

No lurk in darkened places,

In light of day he walks.

And sits so still in crowded rooms

Engaged in evil talks.

His words are spoken softly

With malevolent intent.

They seek to cause disruption

Their means are always bent.

He preys upon the feeble

Of mind and body rent.

He comes from unknown places

But evil is his game.

The why of it is clouded

In the simplest of name.

So innocent is his approach

So soft and slow and smooth.

Professing only outward care

To offer calm and soothe.

Yet we all know much better

Than to pay him coin and heed

We’re sterner stuff and clearer mind

And certainly don’t need.

His evil undue influence

We’ll pay it never mind.

Instead we’ll judge him righteously

And leave him far behind.

The Evil Undue Influencer

Living  in our midst,

Will never find us weakened

Our gaze is true and fixed.

It’s fact he lives among us

And ever on the prowl

But straight and never bending

Our wills resist befoul.

For those who have succumbed

To influence rank and sour

We’ll offer sincere solace

In their neediest of hour.

And hope our warning will be heard

Resist, resist and fight.

Don’t let the darkness take you

Resist with all your might!

It’s clear he lives among us,

Clear for all to see.

Yet why are we the only ones

Who call out “woe is he!”?

To him who has befallen

Under influencer qi.

Perhaps the evil is too strong

Our voice may be too weak

To shout it loud enough for him

To rise above the bleak.

It’s clear he lives among us,

His stench invades the air.

We’ll kick and scream and fight so hard

Until the truth laid bare.

The Evil Undue Influencer

Must be stopped before

He has a chance to touch us all.

No harm, no harm, no more.



Wolf Boy (also known as The Evil Influencer)