Glasses of Port

By: - Feb 03, 2022

Glasses of Port

Between the dark and the daylight,
      When the night is beginning to lower,
Comes a pause in the day’s occupations,
      That is known as TV time

At my computer
Winding up the day
Ready to shut down
Closing all the files

A familiar refrain
Are you ready
Making tea
Taking a pee

When the answer
Is an encouraging
Yes to all above

Still cleaning up
After what I
Thought was done

Men tend not
To see things
No head for details
Like an

Out of tune piano
Good enough for jazz

To that quasi affirmative
Add another pause
Me sitting there
With the clicker
Seemingly lost cause

Selecting a program
Likely to be watched
Subject to approval
Most often PBS

Sits on couch
Tea set down
Generally herbal

Most likely snacks
Glasses of port
Before we
Hit the sack

For that time of day
Children’s hour

When grownups play
At mysteries

With me
Hanging in
Trying to stay awake
Through Vera
Or Father Brown

And when I doze
Just falling off
No worries
She precisely

Relates what
More often than
Not I have missed

Filling in blanks
These many years on
Which long ago
Stopped making sense