Quinta Do Martelo, Terceira Islands, the Azores

Visit a Village Restored to Old World Charm

By: - Jan 25, 2016

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Quinta Do Martelo Azores

What was life like on a traditional farm on Terceira Island in the Azores five centuries ago? That question was taken literally by Gilberto Vieira, as he turned Quinta Do Martelo into a ‘living model’ of what the past was like on this island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mr. Vieira, a kind, knowledgeable and precise man took on the project of accurately converting the existing space into a village that has roots dating back to the beginning of the Azorian settlements.

Quinta Do Martelo is regarded as a ‘Tourist Utility’ by the Azorian Regional Government, a label that draws tourists to the site.

On a recent visit to the Quinta, we had the opportunity to see, first hand, what it felt like to live in a bygone era. The buildings were restored authentically, all produce is grown on the property and is organic and all animals, some grass fed, are raised on the farm.

Quinta Do Martelo is an ethnographic site with a number of houses surrounded by open fields, fruit trees, donkeys, birds, livestock and nature. Originally, the farm contributed to the orange trade when the Azores were very prosperous.

Furniture and building construction followed original architectural designs. Housing is spread out on the property. Each house represents what Terceira was like centuries ago. Decorations, designs and ambiance relate to the past.

Today, the farm is used as a guesthouse. Rooms are completely renovated keeping the main characteristics from the first settlers. Private bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens exist in many houses and a top rated restaurant that uses the products grown on the farm help make Quinta Do Martelo special.

The Quinta recognizes that we are living in the 21st century and has WiFi available, BBQ facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, sun deck and a convenience store on the grounds.

Visit for more information about this exceptional Quinta or dial direct to 351 295 642 842 and speak to founder Gilberto Vieira