The Wolf Years

By: - Jan 16, 2022

The Wolf Years


Deep bonds are formed within their packs

Loyal, ever true.

Shown patience and enduring strength

They’ll bond themselves to you.


Front paws just like my hands

As large as large can be

And when he put them on my shoulders

Taller still than me.


Full mask and goggles on his face

As wolves can often wear

Black and white in handsome coat

And never showing fear.


He was young when we first met

A pup so lean and strong.

Unsure of me and all I did

Every move I made wrong.


For weeks we tangled long and hard.

He knocked me to the ground.

I gave no sign of quitting

Bruised and bloody from my hound.


We took our turns ahowling

At each other and the moon.

I hoped our bloody battles

Would come to end so soon.


And on that day it came to end

The why of it unknown.

The fighting and the challenge stopped

My alpha he’d been shown.



From that day on we were a pack

I’d become his boy alone

Of all the ones he could have chose

I was the one he’d come to own.


Mountains climbed, oceans swam,

Critters caught and ate

If I was going out somewhere

He was my constant mate.


No one else could have me near

Without his warning eye.

No one else could come between

Or dare to get too nigh.


More quick than fast in all he did

No forest creature dared

He’d swipe that massive paw so strong

No forest creature spared.


Birds in flight and four legs running

I would watch in awe

Nothing safe from his pursuit

Escaped his awesome jaw.


Coyotes overtook the lands

And ran in packs with yelping.

Pets would disappear at night

With no one out for helping.


Yet none dared come to our abode

Or anywhere too near

My wolf was fierce and very huge

His howling caused great fear.


He slept outside each night

In piles of leaves or snow.

Telltale leaves or snow aflying

Come morning then I’d know.

I’d have a leash and harness ready

We’d buckle up and go.


A five mile run each morning

Was good enough for me.

But he could run forever

As far as I could see.


Husky and gray wolf was he

A hybrid come of hardy stock.

Neighbors came to see us

As he walked me ‘round the block.


They feared coyote yelping packs

Would hurt their own small dogs.

They’d wait to see us leave our house

And come along for jogs.


Coyotes dared not come near us

When Dief and I were out

The neighbors kept their distance

But near enough to shout.


Dief saw them all as family,

Members of his pack.

No creatures threatened anyone

And safely we’d get back.


The mighty mighty Diefenbaker

Cut a frightening path

All creatures gave great quarter

To miss his mighty wrath.


Yet home with me he softened

And sat upon my lap.

Not knowing any different

We’d settle in for nap.


The show Due South a favorite,

The mountie strange and odd.

His wolf was known as Diefenbaker

My wolf got that nod.


A dozen years together,

We braved the wolfly life.

When sickness fell upon him

I felt a fearful strife.


I’d made him two agreements

When first we formed our pack.

I’d be his friend forever,

And never give him back.


I couldn’t let him suffer

And when the moment came

I held him in my arms so tight

And softly spoke his name.


He held my gaze so sweetly

And tears came to my eye.

We knew his time was over

A time for him to die.


His ashes sit in boxed display

Along with pictures framed.

My Dief is always with me

His wildness semi-tamed.

His ashes will go with me

When my time comes to be.

Our ashes will be blended

And tossed into the sea.


A friendship borne in conflict

The challenge came and went.

Our pack was formed and tightly held

A friendship heaven sent.


He’s waiting for me to catch up

Lest that is my belief.

He’s cleared the path ahead for us

The Mighty Mighty Dief.