Portolio: Anne Krinsky

Diagonal Thinking at Soprafina Gallery

By: - Jan 16, 2008

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My new series, Diagonal Thinking, features square works on paper and panels that occupy a middle ground between painting and drawing. In these pieces, an elegant linear geometry is alternately overlaid with, or superimposed upon, subtly translucent layers of acrylic color.  

Diagonal Thinking, Anne Krinsky's solo show of works is at the Soprafina Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston from Feb. 1 to March 1.

Miriam Seidel, Independent Curator and Philadelphia Correspondent for Art in America, recently wrote:

Anne Krinsky has developed a way of working informed by grid compostion, with subtle geometries inflected by recognizable imagery. Her ... images of flowers and birds, with their delicately drawn lines, hover like daydreams in their fields of color. Lines also define some of the faceted shapes, leading to unexpected optical reversals from line to plane and back again.

Anne Krinsky's work is included in the collections of the British Museum, the Boston Public Library, Graham Gund, and the U.K. charity, Paintings in Hospitals.  Other collections include Fidelity Investments, Neiman Marcus, McGraw-Hill in London, and the Federal Reserve Bank.
She  moved back to the Boston area in 2005 after living in London for seven years, where, in addition to studio work, she wrote on the visual arts for the Wall Street Journal Europe. While in Europe, Krinsky was  a resident at Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain, and at Brisons Veor, Cape Cornwall, St. Just, England.